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SPELD-SA Readers: Phonic Books with Sounds-Write Extended Code (Set 2) x 10 Books

SPELD-SA Readers: Phonic Books with Sounds-Write Extended Code (Set 2) x 10 Books

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These new SPELD SA phonic book series follows the Sounds-Write phonics sequence.

In developing this series, SPELD SA consulted with people who live and work in the Anangu, Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands. SPELD SA acknowledges that “the content, settings and characters may not reflect all Aboriginal people and their experiences but hope that Aboriginal students learning to read can find some familiarity in and connection with these books in their literacy journey."

The books feature loveable characters and engaging storylines that support the learning of letter-sounds and blending in a sequential phonic order, helping readers to develop their independent decoding skills.Units covered: Extended Code Books - Set 2Number of books: 10Titles in this series:

  • Book 1: Spotty's birthday - /s/
  • Book 2: Little legs on the hill - /l/
  • Book 3: A warm autumn day - /or/
  • Book 4: Hands in the air - /air/
  • Book 5: Let's unite! - /ue/
  • Book 6: Avoid sharp rocks - /oy/
  • Book 7: Sant's blast off - /ar/
  • Book 8: A kite contest - /o/
  • Book 9: Riverside versus Dingoes - /d/
  • Book 10: Missing biscuits - /i/

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