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Meet Alison Perry of Soundality.

Speech Pathologist | Sounds-Write Trainer | Founder of Soundality

Alison is a highly sought after Brisbane-based presenter who provides training in the Sounds-Write linguistic phonics program to educational professionals and parents who want to better understand and teach spelling and reading.

Alison's background as a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist (CPSP), with over 10 years working with children in the community, places her in the unique position to understand the individual struggles of children learning to read and write. Her comprehensive experience, combined with her calm, patient and engaging manner makes her a popular Sounds-Write trainer.

She trains educators across Queensland and Australia via the 4-day in-person workshop or the 6-week online course, and also offer post-training coaching and advice.

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Why Choose Sounds-Write?

Sounds-Write is a linguistic phonics program that uses an evidence-based and highly effective approach to teach reading and spelling.

There are lots of phonics programs out there, but very few offer the depth of understanding that comes with completing the Sounds-Write course.

It is an intensive and practical experience, with a focus on not just what and how to teach, but why. There is no assumed pre-requisite knowledge and anyone who is interested in teaching students to read and spell can attend the training- teachers, principals, tutors, allied health professionals and parents.

Sounds-Write Practitioner Training is available through a 6-week online course or 4-day face-to-face workshop.

All participants receive the Sounds-Write manual and gain access to hundreds of online resources.

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Our Resources

Sounds-Write Podcast with Guest Alison Perry

In this episode Alison Perry and John Walker discuss all-things speech pathology. Alison talks about the intersection of her work as a speech therapist and as a Sounds-Write trainer. She talks about her passion for teaching and the joy of teaching children to read.