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Sounds-Write Online Training - July 2024 - Per Person

Sounds-Write Online Training - July 2024 - Per Person

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The Sounds-Write Practitioners’ Online Training is based on the popular four-day face-to-face course and consists of six carefully structured, online modules delivered over six weeks. 

Course Structure: 

New content is made available at the start of each week (opens each Monday). Set tasks need to be completed within that week, but you can study at your own pace. Scroll down past the booking form for FAQs.

Course Dates: 

22nd July - 1st September 2024


$990 + GST 


Alison Perry - Speech Pathologist | Founder of Soundality | Qualified Sounds-Write Trainer

Course Content: 

The course contains lectures about the theory behind Sounds-Write, demonstrations of the Sounds-Write lessons, and videos of the lessons being delivered in classrooms in Australia and the UK. There are online quizzes to check your understanding and video assignments where you practice delivering some lessons. You can discuss your thoughts with other participants and post questions for your trainer in the discussion forum. Weekly, live Zoom sessions with your trainer are offered to support your learning. These sessions are recorded for those participants who cannot join live.

NOTE: There is a high demand for online training, and courses are often booked out in advance.

In registering for this course, or registering another participant on their behalf, you agree to these terms and conditions.

NEED TO ENTER A PURCHASE ORDER NUMBER? Please complete your booking and select 'Bank Deposit' at the Checkout. Then contact Soundality via email to manually add a purchase order number to your invoice.


Package 1: Individual

✔ Sounds-Write manual & training materials

✔ Free LIFETIME access to the new Sounds-Write Practitioners’ Portal

✔ Free place in a future Sounds-Write Revisited course (valued at $192.50)

VALUED AT $192.50

Package 2: Schools & Organisations

Available to schools and organisations committed to training a minimum of 5 staff members within a 2-year period. Terms & Conditions

✔ All participants receive the Sounds-Write manual & training materials

✔ All participants receive get free, LIFETIME access to the new Sounds-Write Practitioners’ Portal

✔ All participants receive a free place in a future Sounds-Write Revisited course (valued at $192.50)

✔ 1 x FREE place for a member of the senior leadership team in the Sounds-Write Practitioners’ Online Training (valued at

✔ 1 x FREE place for the Sounds-Write Masterclass: 'Leading Phonics in Your School' (valued at $528)

✔ 1 x FREE place for the Sounds-Write Masterclass: 'Teaching Phonics as an Intervention' (valued at $192.50)


Any questions?

Alison Perry 0490 913 219

What does the Online Sounds-Write Training involve?

Please note that this is a very rigorous, high-quality training course involving a considerable amount of learning. Here is an overview of the course structure and approximate study time required:

Week 0 (~2 hours required): In this week you will become familiar with the online platform, introduce yourself and meet your trainer and other trainees. The course includes a discussion forum where you will be able to ask questions, and where you will contribute to course discussions.

Weeks 1 - 4 (~8 to 10 hours of work per week): New content is made available at the start of each week. This includes reading material, explanation and demonstration videos and lesson practice. You also have assessment tasks to complete, including 3 videos of lesson demonstrations which are shared for peer feedback (no students need to be filmed for this). Active participation in the online discussion forum is required.

Week 5 (~2 hours of work): This week has no formal new content, but you will be able to revisit anything in the course before the course closes. At the end of week 5, the course website will close, and you will no longer have access to the online course.

Live sessions: There will be weekly synchronous sessions online during the course, using the Zoom platform. These will take the form of a live Q&A with your Trainer and also provide the opportunity to consolidate your understanding. For those who cannot attend the live sessions, these will be recorded and made available during the course.

What do I need for the online course?

To access the course, you will need a PC or laptop (including Mac). You should not do the course on your phone or tablet as some parts will not work well.

You will need a steady internet connection as there are several video explanations and demonstrations.

If you are accessing the course from your workplace, it is your responsibility to check with your IT manager that you will enable you to access external content, including Zoom.

For some activities, you will need to video yourself. You can use the camera on your laptop or a mobile phone. The format you will need to submit your videos in is: .mov .avi or .mp4 format.

How is the online training different to the face-to-face training?

The learning objectives is the same for both courses. All participants also receive the Sounds-Write manual. The face-to-face training is delivered over four days, where the online training is mostly self-paced and delivered over six weeks.

Participants find both methods highly effective, so your decision comes down to location and personal preference.

What is included in my registration fee?

Registration in the Sounds-Write Practitioners’ Online Training is $1089 (including GST).

You will receive a copy of the Sounds-Write manual and handouts in the post before the training starts. Postage is included within Australia and New Zealand.

You will also get LIFETIME access to the Sounds-Write Practitioner's Portal: an online hub with resources, interactive activities and professional development videos and webinars.

In addition, each participant receives a free place in a future 'Sounds-Write Revisited' online course (an online refresher course).

Additional postage costs may apply to other countries - please contact Soundality for a quote.

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