Sounds-Write Initial Code Readers – Unit 1 to 7 (14 books)

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Fourteen delightfully written and illustrated Sounds-Write decodable readers for the Initial Code Units 1 – 7 (two books per unit). Most words are a CVC structure with some high-frequency words.

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This set is comprised of fourteen 8-page books and one sixteen-page book.

This set includes all titles for the Initial Code Units 1 – 7 (two readers per unit):

  • Tim, Tam and Sam & Mats – a, i, m, s, t
  • Is it Sam? & Sit! – n, o, p
  • Sam’s pip & The can man – b, c, g, h
  • The hens & Meg’s pet pig – d, e, f, v
  • Tom and Sam & Kim’s big red cat – k, l, r, u
  • Jim is fed up & Tim’s pets – j, w, z
  • The bin men & The mud pit – x, y, ff, ll, ss